30 Day Purification Program Days 1-7

Adapted from SP Purification Program ® Supplement Schedule

Name:                              Date:                           Re-evaluation Date:

Days 1-7

(Shakes 3X per day. Blend ingredients with 1 c Spring Water)

Product:                             Upon waking   Breakfast    10:00    Lunch    3:00    Dinner   Before Bed

SP Complete ®                           2 tbsp                2 tbsp          2 tbsp

Contains all the essential amino acids.Excellent protein source. Supports liver & toxin-elimination function. Good source of Choline & Inositol.*

Whey Pro Complete            1 tbsp                1 tbsp           1 tbsp

Excellent source of inulin, a natural prebiotic. Supports muscle growth & repair.* Promotes wellness, especially useful following a long illness or cancer therapy.

SP Cleanse ®                              7                          7                     7

Supports healthy elimination with over 20 whole food & herbal ingredients.

Gastro Fiber                               3                          3                      3


Whole Food Fiber                   1 tbsp (with shake) 3X per day Source of fiber with added nutrients to assist in the elimination process.

Zypan               1                                                    1 1

Excellent digestive enzyme with HCl acid & pancreatin. Supports normal stomach acid production to aid in the proper digestion of foods. Use Multizyme if you have a history of stomach ulcers.

AF Betafood                                2                          2                      2

Supports healthy bile production in the liver which is then stored in the gallbladder. Bile breaks down fats. It also acts as a “detergent” for our intestinal tract to help maintain a healthy gut lining.

*Visit www.standardprocess.com for additional information.

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