A Nearby Ally in Breast Cancer

In reference to the article “A Nearby Ally in Breast Cancer”, my response is FINALLY!! The powers at be are finally recognizing the importance of whole, clean food as a part of treating breast cancer (and other cancers, heart disease, ect.) as well.

However, this is not new news! Therapeutic Nutrition has been vital to past generations for treatment of serious health conditions and disease, before Big Pharma and Big Money stepped in.

A paper entitled “Cancer a Nutritional Deficiency” by J.R. Davidson, M.D. published in 1943, was based on his studies that “cancer was a deficiency disease due to diets with low nutritional content”. Those diets consisted of canned, overcooked foods including pasturized milk. Those processes destroyed the vital nutrients which were present in their original state.

He prescribed plenty of raw vegetables, raw vegetable juice, raw milk, whole wheat bread and meat cooked rare. Of course, in 1943, processed, refined, fake, chemically laden foods were not the norm.

He concluded by saying “I believe cancer, a deficiency disease, can be prevented and controlled by a suitable and balanced diet, high in vitamin content.”

He was not alone in his research!

The tragedy of those studies not being persued and recognized is beyond my comprehension.I am a second generation Chiropractor and quite thankful to be part of a profession that has always  supported prevention and wellness through whole food diets, exercise and healthy lifestyles. I am also thankful to see the result of patients, family and friends who desire to live healthy, happy , productive lives! And,to see those people who have had serious health issues improve with significant lifestyle changes.

We will never know what we prevent, but we do  know good, clean, chemical-free, whole foods will improve lives!

Kimberly K. Shara, D.C.D.I.C.S.

Kimberly K. Shara DC DICS 6220 Antioch Ste 100 Merriam, KS 66202 913-432-9012 www.sharachiropractic.com God gave us the gift of Life. What we make of our life is our gift back to God!

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