Dr.Shara’s Immune Support Protocol

Info from 38 years of experience & a lifetime of study!

Calcium Lactate: 6 before breakfast/ 6 before bed

  •  Easily absorbed. Readily available for the body to utilize.

  •  Works best when taken on an empty stomach (Needs an acidic environment to be absorbed efficiently. Antacids inhibit this vital function)

  •  Helps protect the body from viral infections.

(Numerous documented studies show calcium deficiency reduces resistance to viral infections.)

  • Calcium is found in every cell of our bodies. We can’t emphasize enough how vital it is to have a good, readily available source to help support and maintain a strong immune system AND a healthy body!

Cataplex D 🙁 Standard Process’s Vitamin D) 2/2/2

  • Vitamin D is now classified as a vitamin & a hormone. It too, has numerous functions in our bodies. Vitamin D takes calcium from the gut and puts it into the bloodstream thus increasing the blood calcium content.

  • It’s a fat soluble vitamin and must be taken with food.

Cataplex F: Take one or two with Calcium Lactate morning and evening. 1/1

  • Cataplex F takes Calcium from the blood and puts it into the tissues.

  • This combo helps with restless leg syndrome, shingles, cramping,sunburns,”growing pains” and much more!

Cod Liver Oil: 3 with breakfast

  • This is a nice blend of Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin A & Essential Fatty Acids.

  • It can be used in place of Cataplex D or in addition to Cataplex D. A combination of Cataplex D and Cod liver oil may be extremely helpful in the winter months when there is less sun exposure.

  • Vitamin A helps maintain healthy mucous membrane. It helps resistance to infection & inflammation.

  • Vitamin A is essential for eyes/retinal maintenance.

  • Essential fatty acids, among many other functions, act as a “cellophane wrapper” around each cell, helping to protect the cells from viral & bacterial invasion.

  • Since these vitamins are fat soluble, they must be taken with food.

Cataplex C: 2/2/2  or 3/3 This product is necessary for ALL healing!

  • It is vital for help in treating infections, diseases,congestion, weak adrenals & stress.

  • It is the Whole Vitamin C complex not just a part of Vitamin C.  (Unfortunately ascorbic acid is marketed as Vitamin C).

  • This Vitamin C contains bioflavonoids and rutin which help maintain strong blood vessels.

  • It contains factors which increase the oxygen-carrying capacity in the blood.

  • Plus, tyrosinase which helps support adrenal function. The adrenals are under significant stress with long term colds, flu and chronic illness.

Congaplex: 3 per day for maintenance 3/3/3 when you suspect an infection or 1 every hour, up to 12 hours, when sick. It contains Cataplex A, C, Thymex, Calcium lactate and RNA. Thymex supports the Thymus Gland, part of our Immune System. RNA or Ribonucleic Acid, aids in the cell growth & promotes healing.

  • Congaplex is readily absorbed (aqueous in nature) .

  • It is used during the exposure or acute phase of infections.

  • Chewable Congaplex is amazing for kids. It helps protect and support their Immune System. And it gives them the ability to fight infections, including the flu. It too can be taken 1 per hour for 12 hours or until symptoms improve

  • My father recommended Congaplex or Chewable Congaplex following artificial vaccinations.

  • Thymex supports the thymus gland so the body temperature may increase thus supporting its ability to fight infections.

Immuplex: The “Multivitamin” for long term support of our Immune System. At least 3 per day.

  • I love this quote from my Clinical Reference Guide regarding our Immune System, “The body does not HAVE an Immune System as much as it IS an Immune System in its functional totality.”

  • The Immune System is the foundation  for all other systems in our bodies. Endocrine, Digestive, Skin,Cardiac,ect.

  • It requires nourishment from dense, nutrient rich whole foods, clean water , rest and restoration.

  • Long term support, take 3 per day.

  • During an active illness take 3 -6 through-out the day.

  • I find this works best when taken with food.

Echinacea Premium 2 per day.

  • This product has been researched extensively by Medi Herb. Substantiating its many health benefits.

  • The root of the Echinacea purpurea is used, producing a “tingling” sensation on the tongue. ( in liquid form or while sucking on the tablets)

  • It is an Immune facilitator/modulator/enhancer. In other words, it drives our Immune System. Works well with Congaplex and Immuplex.

  • Benefits include a prophylactic type function, improving immune surveillance. It also has anti-inflammatory factors.

  • Helps with prevention of any infection and treatment for chronic or acute infections.

  • May be one of the best foundational supports for the Immune System of today!!

There are numerous other herbs and supplements which help with prevention and treatment of acute and/or chronic infections.

The above mentioned supplements are what I have found to be effective and extremely valuable in supporting this system known to us as our Immune System!!

As we are observing this very moment, washing hands and getting the flu shot are not enough to prevent or fight the infections of today!

Health is an extremely valuable commodity. Once you lose it, you will pay anything to get it back!

“Investing in your health today will bring peace to your tomorrows” Kimberly K. Shara, DC DICS 2020

These statements are not supported by the FDA but have been found to be effective following 38 years of practice and a lifetime of use!!

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