In a world full of different diet trends, prescription drugs and “quick fix” regimens, more and more people are searching for real answers to complete health. Although “exercise and eating right” has been a consistent message over the years, a significant portion of Americans are overweight and nutritionally starved. One year we are told that a certain food is good for us, and a year later we are told to avoid it Low-fat and low-sodium diets have proven to be unsuccessful and there has always been some confusion over “good” and “bad” cholesterol. We start exercise programs but quit them because we do not see fast results. We spend billions on vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter medications in an attempt to feel energized, alert, productive and healthy, but still come up short. Among hundreds of suggestions and widely varying “expert” opinions, how can we really become healthy?

Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in America. Diabetes, too, is overwhelming our nation, and Alzheimer’s is rising at extraordinary rates. Medical and pharmaceutical companies create, endorse and prescribe drugs to “help.” Giant food companies capitalize on the fact that we are generally misinformed about where our food comes from and what is in it. Generally speaking, if the animals we consume are not raised locally by smaller farms, they are inhumanely treated and severely suffer both physical and mental abuse their entire lives. IF we become more educated about where food comes from and choose accordingly, we will feel better, live longer and be kinder to Earth and all of its creatures.

Our society is suffering from malnutrition so it is essential that we go back to the basics. The vast majority of the things we consume are industrialized, commercialized and artificially fortified non-foods that contain no nutrients at all. Many of these foods are actually toxic to our bodies yet we accept that processed food is fine to eat. Instead, we need to eat fresh, whole foods and earn how to actually cook again!

Choose a diet rich in whole, organic foods. Increase your intake of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and Brussels sprouts as these fight cancer.

Grow your own greens. Planting and sowing your own garden is not only good for mental wellness but is a fantastic way to ensure that the vegetables you consume are grown to your standards.

Since animal protein is important for bone and muscle health and contains essential amino acids, select hormone-free meat from animals raised locally in their natural environments. Beef should be grass-fed instead of corn-fed. Purchase poultry and eggs from free-range or cage-free chickens.

Buy whole-grain breads and cereals as they are full of B vitamins.

Drink spring water instead of tap water since spring water contains minerals that are absolutely vital to our health.

Incorporate essential fats such as butter, coconut oil and olive oil into your diet as they provide energy and are food for the brain. They also help create a coating around our cells to protect them from toxic elements.

Enjoy fruits as they contain whole vitamin C.

Eat raw! Raw nuts and seeds are full of nutrients.

Although our nation has made it easy and affordable to ingest foods that do not benefit our bodies, try to invest in local and fresh foods instead for a new life. Rejecting mass-produced, processed and chemically saturated non-foods will result in a healthier you and will be friendlier to our planet.

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