February is Heart Health Month @ Shara Chiropractic

Did you know:

  • Your heart weighs 11-12 ounces
  • It beats 100,000 beats per day
  • The adult heart pumps approximately 2,000 gallons of blood throughout our circulatory system, which is over 60,000 miles long, each day
  • Despite the billions of dollars spent for cardiac care, it is still ranks as the #1 cause of death, and has for several decades!
  • According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), over 28.4 million people have heart disease .


  • 1.Don’t smoke!–According to the Center for Disease Control , smoking is the LEADING cause of preventable death. (www.cdc.gov)
  • 2.Maintain normal weight–Always easier said than done.  Obesity now affects 1 in 6 children and more than 1/3 of US adults. “It is common, costly & serious.”CDC
  • 3.Exercise–The best  exercise for you is the exercise you will do!  Start walking!  (or swim, ride a bike, yoga, etc…)  The choices are endless.  The results are priceless!
  • 4.Eat good, fresh, organic (if possible) non-GMO foods.  Remove the processed, chemically laden, fake foods from your diet.  The healthy results are usually quick & rewarding.
  • 5.Rest–Most recommended form of treatment for numerous health conditions from 1900-1950.  It is still important today!  7-8 hours of sleep per night & a power nap during the day.
  • 6.Drink more water–Water is a major importance to ALL living things.  Up to, and maybe more than 60% of the human body is water.  However, the water should be filtered & chemical (fluoride, chlorine, etc…)free.


  • Our recommendations include a full, whole food, complement of B Vitamins.  These are found in Cataplex B, Cataplex G, Cardiotrophin & Cardio Plus.  We can help guide you as to what specific supplement is for you at this moment.
  • Also, good Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) which include our Tuna Omega-3 Oil & Cod Liver Oil–which contains Vitamin D, A & EFA.  These are clean, easy to digest and readily absorbed.
  • Cataplex E & Cataplex E2–not just alpha tocopherol–These supplements promote cell repair and cardiovascular function.  They are also useful for skin, muscle, ligament and tendon repair.


For a jump start on overall digestive change, this program is for you!  I take the time to review, guide and support you.  This is not a weight loss program, but people do “shrink” and lose weight.  But, it is a detox program at the cellular level.  Life changing!  For more information, please contact me.

This is a very, very short overview of what we have to offer for Heart Health.  Now is a perfect time to start the journey.

“Health is a precious gift.  Once you lose it you will be willing to pay anything to get it back.”

Also,  be sure to look at my article & specific power point regarding Heart Health

Recommended reading

  • “In Fitness & In Health” by Phillip Maffetone
  • “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Heart Disease” by Mark Houston, M.D
  • Visit the Standard Process website, www.standardprocess.com website to check our specific research for Cardio Vascular Health
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