Ignite the Wellness Within 50 Men’s Health Herbal Support

Herbal Supplement Protocol

Herbal Support for Men 50+

Name:                                           Date:                              Re-evaluate: Product:                         Upon Waking   Breakfast    10:00     Lunch    3:00     Dinner    Before Bed Tongkat Ali                               2                                              2

Male endocrine support. Provides bioavailable testosterone support. Stress & insulin resistance are known factors which deplete testosterone. Statin drugs & antidepressants also affect testosterone levels in men. Tongkat Ali supports general well being & vitality! Caution if taking propranolol (beta blocker).

Turmeric Forte                         2                       2   (Best taken with food)

he premier multipurpose herb! Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory action. It is now recognized to aid in the treatment of Alzheimers & dementia. Turmeric Forte supports liver & gallbladder function. It helps kill H pylori.

Minimizes damage from diabetes. Decreases A1C. Turmeric Forte is absorbed

24.8 times better in the gut than most turmeric products on the market. It makes every supplement protocol work more effeciently!

Black Cumin Seed Forte         1

Black Cumin Seed Forte “de-fats” the liver. Fatty livers lead to insulin resistance. Black Cumin Seed Forte helps regenerate the beta cells in the pancreas. It is also an allergy reliever. And you only need one per day!

Saw Palmetto 1:2 Liquid         1 tsp in juice or water

Traditionally used to support urinary tract & prostate gland function. Supports healthy bladder function. Very effective if used with Prost-X & AC Carbamide if poor urination is an issue.


These recommendations have not been approved by the FDA. But I have found them to be very effective in practice.

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