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Foundational Support for Brain Health


Name:                                          Date:                                      Re-evaluate Product:    Upon Waking  Breakfast   10:00    Lunch    3:00    Dinner   Before Bed

RNA (Ribonucleic Acid)                4                                4

Ribonucleic Acid is involved in all protein synthesis, the creation of proteins & enzymes for growth & repair. RNA is depleted by stress & poor quality foods.

Used to improve concentration, focus, & balance. Helps decrease premature aging. Useful for head traumas.

Neurotrophin 2 (Must be taken on an empty stomach)

Specific protomorphogen (™) or growth factor for the brain & central nervous system. Provides a template for normal growth & repair at a cellular level.

Supports healthy nerve function. Aids in rebuilding damaged nerves. Important supplement in the treatment of head injuries.

Cod Liver Oil                    3-4 (Must be taken with food)

Cod Liver Oil contains the essential fatty acids. hey are essential because the body cannot manufacture them. It contains DHA which is the foundation of our brain structure. Cod Liver Oil also has Vitamin A&D, protein plus EPA & Omega 3.It is a natural anti inflammatory. Protects nerve tissue.

OPC Synergy                     2

Great antioxidant source for the brain. Can cross the blood brain barrier. Protects our nervous system.Contains organic buckwheat, red wine extract, green tea, bilberry & more. OPC Synergy supports healthy brain function & helps restore collagen strength and elasticity. Good support for brain trauma.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA but I have found them to be beneficial in 40+ years of practice.

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