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Foundational Supplements for Digestive Support

Product:           Upon Waking      Breakfast     10:00      Lunch    3:00     Dinner    Before Bed

SP Complete                        2 scoops in 8 0z spring water

SP Complete is a nutritional powder which provides all the essential amino acids. Contains Whey Protein which is the most complete & easiest protein to digest. Helps support the liver detoxification process. Excellent source of choline & inositol vital for mobilization and metabolism of fat. Comes unflavored or chocolate & vanilla which are sweetened with monk fruit.

Zypan                                         1                               1                           1-2

Excellent digestive enzyme with HCL (hydrochloric acid),pepsin & pancreatin. It supports normal stomach acid production to aid in the proper digestion of proteins,fat & carbohydrates. Helps metabolize allergens.

Multizyme                                1-2                         1-2                            1-2

Am plant based digestive enzyme supplement without the HCL. Useful for those patients with ulcers. Also a good source of digestive enzymes while taking a proton pump inhibitor or weaning off a proton pump inhibitor. Multizyme is antiparasitic.

AF Betafood (3 if constipated) 2-3                        2-3                        2-3

Supports healthy bile production and flow. It helps maintain proper bile consistency. Bile breaks down fats. It also acts as a “detergent” for our intestinal tract to help maintain a healthy gut lining.

Enzycore                                       1                      1                     1

A source of digestive enzymes, L-glutamine and other whole food ingredients for support of healthy digestion & absorption of nutrients. he amino acid,

L-glutamine, is the building block for other amino acids. Enzycore is the digestive support for both the gastric & intestinal phases of digestion.

These statements have not been approved by the FDA. For more information visit www.standardprocess.com.


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Product: Upon Waking Breakfast 10:00 Lunch 3:00 Dinner Before Bed
Lact Enz 3       (3)    

Excellent source of Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Bifidobacterium longum, the probiotics which make up 50% of our gut flora (colon). Probiotics are best taken between meals. Vital if taking or have a history of antibiotic therapy.

ProSynbiotic            3                                                   (3)

Contains 4 strains of probiotics & 2 types of prebiotic fiber which equal ProSynbiotic. here are 4 billion probiotic bacteria in 3 capsules. Promotes healthy gut pH which may prevent harmful bacteria adhering & possibly invading the gut lining & helps to re-establish normal gut flora following antibiotic therapy.

Cataplex B Core                 1                             1                      1

Aids in the digestion of carbohydrates. Promotes contraction of stomach muscles. Made with buckwheat, liver, nutritional yeast, desiccated adrenal & wheat germ. Provides numerous nutrients for the entire body.

GI Stability                         1-2 (May take up to 6 to re-establish normal gut flora) Supports a healthy gut microbiome with prebiotic action. Prebiotic 2-Fl studies show that it helps support the growth of good bacteria. It also contains Collinsonia Root which is good for the treatment of hemorrhoids (and varicose veins) by maintaining proper tone of the vascular system.

Cholacol                                 1                           1                      1

Source of purified bile salts necessary for the bile-deficient patient. Vital if the gallbladder has been removed. Will help with biliary stasis, or thickening of the bile. Useful for constipation. Necessary if stools are light colored.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, but I have found them to be very effective in my practice. For more information visit www.standardprocess.com



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