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Specific Herbal Supplements for Brain Health

Name:                                         Date:                                 Re-Evaluate: Product:                   Upon Waking    Breakfast    10:00     Lunch    3:00      Dinner     Before bed Turmeric Forte                        2(Best taken with food)                     2

he premier multipurpose herb! Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory action. It is now recognized to aid in the treatment of Alzheimers & dementia. Turmeric Forte supports liver & gallbladder function. It helps kill H pylori.

Minimizes damage from diabetes. Decreases A1C. Turmeric Forte is absorbed

24.8 times better in the gut than most turmeric products.

Black Cumin Seed Forte         1

Black Cumin Seed Forte “de-fats” the liver. Fatty livers lead to insulin resistance. Black Cumin Seed Forte helps regenerate the beta cells in the Pancreas. It is also an allergy reliever. And you only need one per day!!

Rhodiola&Ginseng Complex 2

Rhodiola Ginseng Complex is excellent for mental clarity & cognitive function. It makes you feel “awake”! Extremely useful for endurance activities both mental & physical. Promotes vitality.

St. John’s Wort                          2

St.John’s Wort is an extremely effective mood enhancer. It also supports liver function. St.John’s Wort is a potent nerve regenerative source for Shingles, Bell’s Palsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia & Neuropathy. It is also anti-viral. St.

John’s Wort can be taken several times through-out the day to take the edge off depressive thoughts or grief.

Gingko Forte                    2-4 per day with food

Supports circulation to the brain, helpful before taking exams . Lowers elevated cortisol. Or Gingko Synergy which promotes mental clarity & cognition. Good antioxidant. 2-4 per day.

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