Ignite the Wellness Within Herbal Digestive Support

Herbal Support for Healthy Digestion


Product: Upon Waking Breakfast 10:00 Lunch 3:00 Dinner Before Bed
Digest Forte   1   1   1  

A powerful bitter herb complex which includes Wormwood, Tangerine. Ginger,Gentian & Feverfew. Digest Forte “Reboots” the gastrointestinal system. Gentian, Feverfew and Wormwood act as bitter tonics. Wormwood is also a powerful antiparasitic herb. Bitter receptors are found everywhere in the body therefore they support many functions in the body.

Colax            Specific for chronic constipation. Take 2 before bed. Combination of Cascara Stem bark, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock Root. Dill & Chamomile. It’s a powerful laxative, best taken before bed. I recommend only 2. 3-4 if chronic constipation persits. Take only when necessary.

Turmeric Forte                     1                                                     1

A superb overall anti inflammatory product. It supports liver function and helps maintain normal bile flow. Turmeric Forte also helps kill H.pylori, a nasty bacteria that can infect the stomach and duodenal lining causing inflammation, ulcers & possibly cancer. Turmeric Forte is a multipurpose herb. Black Cumin Seed Forte       1

Black Cumin Seed Forte, the “Versatile Herb” which provides liver & digestive support. It helps “de-fat” the liver. It can also break down & eliminate airborne allergies. Black Cumin Seed is effective in the treatment of H.pylori infections. Useful in supporting a sluggish thyroid & helps eliminate harmful spike proteins. It is a powerful herb for the diabetic as it helps to regenerate the Beta Cells in the pancreas.

These statements have not been approved by the FDA. I have found the above recommendations to be very helpful for my patients. For more information visit www.standardprocess.com

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