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Specific for Bone Health

Product: Upon Waking Breakfast Mid AM Lunch Mid PM Dinner Before Bed

Name: Calcium Lactate
Date: 2
Re-Evaluate: 2

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. It’s found in every cell. Calcium lactate is easily absorbed. It goes through only 2 steps to breakdown. Calcium is important for bone health & immune support.

Name: Cataplex F
Date: 1
Re-Evaluate: 1

Cataplex F is a blend of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps transport calcium from blood to tissues. Calcium lactate & Cataplex F are good to help control muscle cramps.

Name: Cataplex D
Date: 2
Re-Evaluate: 2

Vitamin D, now recognized as a vitamin and a hormone. Vitamin D “picks up” Calcium from the gut & puts it into the blood. his is an important check & balance system which is why it’s important to have usable calcium in the diet. Biodent  3

Biodent contains Manganese B12 & spleen extract. It provides the “glue” that helps with strong bones & teeth. It’s also a complete protein. Very important for bone tissue support.

Name: Cataplex C                        
Date: 2                                                  
Re-Evaluate: 2

Supports healthy, strong vascular system and adrenal function. Always important for immune support.

Calcifood Powder   
1-2 scoops
per day

Provides the raw material to build, support & maintain healthy ligaments & bones.

These recommendations have not been established by the FDA. However, I have found in 40+ years of practice the above listed supplements are extremely helpful for bone health support.


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