Specific Nutrition for Post Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions

What to do following a Post Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion nutritionally? This is a part of a presentation I did for Chiropractors this past summer , to offer some clarity and options that many people are unaware of.

At present there is very little, if any medication that has complete approval from the FDA for treatment of these injuries. Most are regarded as “Off label”, especially when it comes to supplementation or Herbal recommendations. The diet should contain the good fats such as butter, olive oil, coconut oil and fish oil for repair and regeneration of the tissue. Protein is essential! No protein equals no healing! Protein gives us the building blocks (amino acids)  which is the foundation for tissue repair. Essential amino acids , those which we must have in our diets, are found in meat. Chicken , fish, good red meat ,eggs, turkey. Vegetables and fruit supply our bodies with vitamins and minerals that are “activators” or allow the cells to function properly. Foods high in sugar, fake or synthetic foods and processed foods should be avoided. These foods contain little if any quality nutrients. They drain the body of the essential nutrients that aid in the rebuilding and maintaining proper healing. Healing will happen in an ordained manner if the nutrients are provided.

Additional foundation support can come from good Whole Food Based supplements. Catalyn  is the “Multiple” supplement from Standard process which provides the foundation for support. It contains vital minerals and vitamins that starts to fill in the gaps. I also use Minchex or Mintran for a mineral source which has a calming effect for the anxious, angry or nervous patient. I also include very specific B vitamins also important for quality healing.

We also use specific nutrients, including Protomorphogens  that support the glandular system which may be compromised. These have proven to be extremely helpful in the healing of a PT Brain Injury. We include Potassium iodide along with the vital nutrients it requires to help support Thyroid and total Endocrine function.

This is just a small list of what can be done to help support and treat victims of Concussions and PT brain injuries. It’s also a piece of this very complicated condition that we have seen be quite helpful in their healing journey.

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