Sugar High

Sugar High , Sugar Low! Oh my, oh my, where does the sugar go??

To our hips, to our teeth, to the places that make us creak!

Yes, that white, sparkling sweet stuff is so, so pretty but so, so bad!!

“It’s the Devil!!” one of my instructors stated! It’s also a huge contributing factor in Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Obesity, Hormonal disruptors, ect. ect. ect.!!!

Dr. Sandler claimed in his book “Diet Causes Polio “ published in 1951 BEFORE the artificial polio vaccination, he stated, “Polio epidemics have occurred throughout the world in past years only in those countries with high per capita sugar consumption. The greater the consumption (of sugary products) the more severe the epidemic.” The crisis was so bad and so prevalent that he strongly suggested people quit the sugar and white flour products immediately! He sent his message via newspaper and radio. Within weeks, the incidence of polio plummeted! It was an overwhelming success but soon forgotten as the makers of the polio vaccine pushed their agenda.

Regardless if you’re pro artificial vaccine or not, the important point is to support and maintain a strong immune system. And one of the clear ways to do this is cut back or give up the sugar, sugar laden foods and white flour products.

Thankfully we have choices!! The perfect replacement is honey. Or Maple Syrup, Molasses and Cane sugar. These natural sweeteners are full of vitamins and minerals. Plus, they’ve have been around for many, if not hundreds of years. Keep in mind the goal is to move away from white, processed sugary, sweet products and it’s buddies (i.e.high fructose corn syrup) Dr. Sandler said sugar was meant to enhance the food not be the food.

Secondly, start moving towards a lower carb, higher protein diet with good fats! This includes butter, olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, almond oil ,sesame oil and others.Oils to avoid are Soy, corn and vegetable oil. And absolutely no margarine!! A variety of these good oils will help fill the need for all the Omegas!

I have several cookbooks that have been extremely helpful for my family, patients and friends. They include “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig.” One Degree of Change” by Dr. Georgia Nab. Magazines such as Edible Austin. Or go to which is full of good ideas and information. Plus a plethora of Paleo friendly, Keto friendly, Mediterranean  recipes on the internet and in bookstores. And if you’re real enthused, share the recipes with me as I am collecting good, clean,tasty recipes to share with family, friends and patients. Because recipes were meant to share! (

“Don’t look at what you are giving up but look at what you are gaining!” Dr. Michael Dobbins

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