Wellness Wisdom All About the Music!

Psalm 100:1-2

  “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all ye lands!

Serve the Lord with gladness.

Come before His presence with singing.”

This is one of my mom’s favorite psalms in the bible. She taught it to my sister and I when we were very young. It’s one of King David’s psalms commanding us to sing for joy to the Creator of our Universe!

I love to sing!! I’ve known for many years the peace, joy and passion music can bring to me and many others, regardless if you have a “singing” voice or not.

Our pastor, Randy Frazee, talked about the healing power of music this past Sunday. I thought it was so relevant to our healing journey and music’s connection to our soul. His message was powerful and timely.

Here are a few ideas that I took away from Sunday’s message that we can apply today to perhaps bring a little light to our soul and joy to our spirit.

Music is the secret language of the heart. When we find a song that makes us smile or brings us joy, we sing it over and over again. The important point here is that it’s an encouraging song. Perhaps one filled with inspiration or one that brings to mind a happy memory. So it’s ok to sing it nonstop or full force in the shower, the car or wherever! God is pleased!

Secondly, music is able to bridge the brain and the heart. This goes right along with what we call the Brain/Gut connection. Dr. DeJarnette would say “ If you think negatively, your gut thinks right along with you.” So it’s important to find a song with good meaning or memories to help the mind, body and gut! Plus, it will help produce those positive hormones to aid in relieving anxiety, stress and perhaps depression.

Thirdly, It’s not how well you sing, the important thing is to sing! Music draws us closer to God. He continues to chase after our heart and wants to be with us always!! Music is a perfect way to begin or continue to connect with the Great Physician!

Finally, music can be the start or continuation of your healing journey. As you start this new year, resolve to find a song or songs that give you strength, peace and encouragement to begin those new year’s resolutions. It has an important place in this gift called Life!

“Investment in your health today gives you peace in your tomorrows!” Dr. Kim Shara

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