Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT ® ) the gentle, comprehensive Chiropractic method for health restoration. The true Wholistic Chiropractic approach to help patients achieve optimum health.

  • Founded in 1925 by Dr. DeJarnette and continues to be practiced, studied & researched around the world.
  • The SOT ® approach  is excellent for neck, back, hip,arm and leg pain but also Cranial issues such as migraines, headache, TMJ and sinus trouble.
  • Specific to SOT ® is Dr.DeJarnette’s Cranial Technic which involves balancing Cerebro-Spinal Fluid flow (CSF) by removing restrictions thus enabling this life sustaining fluid to bathe and nourish our Central Nervous System which our skull and spine protect. Vital for optimum health.
  • Cranial work is also effective for the care of head injuries, mild concussions, stress.
  • The Category Blocking approach helps maintain a stable pelvis, the foundational support of our spine.  Excellent for pregnant women, athletes and everyone else in between.
  • SOT ® is the ideal Chiropractic method for all ages. From 0 to 100+!